Copyright Guideline

1. Copyright

Copyright is a legal right given to authors or creators of original works including literature, music, paintings, films and photos in order to control uses of their works.
Authors or copyright holders have certain excusive rights to protect their works.

"To control uses of work" means that a copyright holder retains the rights to copy, modify or transfer their own works.
For example, if a picture is uploaded and shared on the Internet without the copyright holder's permission, the uploader's act is violating the copyright.

Copyright is the exclusive right and its holders can specify who, where and how to use their works.

The following examples show you some copyrightable contents:

  1. * TV programs
    * Films and the trailers
    * Music and the lyrics
    * Advertisements
    * Texts in books and magazines
    * Photos and images



2. Copyright Infringement


'Copyright Infringement' happens when someone or something infringes a copyright holder's right to control uses of their works. For example a person who does not have the copyright copies, distributes, performs, discloses the copyrighted material or creates any derivation of it without permission of copyright holder.

FC2 complies with Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA) and the other applicable copyright law, therefore
any and all copyright infringement are strictly prohibited on FC2 Services.

FC2's Digital Millennium Copyright Designated Agent can be contacted at the following address.
[ FC2 Designated Agent ]
- Address:4730 South Fort Apache Road Suite 300 Las Vegas, NV89147
- TEL:(424) 236-6050
- FAX:(424) 236-6050
- Email

FC2 immediately removes the content when we receive an appropriate claim from a copyright holder, if the uploader does not have the copyright.
FC2 can respond to a copyright infringement notice in a more timely manner if it is recorded in the main text of an e-mail as opposed to being sent as a PDF file.
FC2 retains the right to terminate the User account without any prior notice when the User uploads any copyright infringing content.
In the event that FC2 or any third party sustains damages from such prohibited act, the Uploader and the users in question will be responsible for satisfying the claim.
Remaining money will not be refunded when FC2 terminates a Pay member account due to such acts.

FC2 is committed to protect any and all creator's copyrights and to provide creative and valuable web services.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


3. To avoid infringing on Copyright


To avoid copyright infringement, User should use a material with the appropriate copyright permission before using,
or should use contents that the users themselves have created.
Users don't need to concern about copyright infringement when uses their own original works or you may also use copyright-free materials.
You must also check "Prohibited Conduct and Bans" in General Rules to see the other prohibited matters and comply with these terms.